Oman – desert hiking Rub al Khali

Desert trips from November to March

Hiking group in the Rub al Khali, the largest sand desert on earth

For more than ten years I have known the Omani part of the Rub al Khali like the back of my hand. With my travel company Puretreks I go 4-5 times each winter (by the way, as the only tour operator worldwide) really self-sufficiently into the so-called Empty Quarter, on the traces of the English desert explorer Wilfred Thesiger. Thereby, the hiking group is completely self-sufficient in this beautiful sand desert with a high logistical effort. We are accompanied only by Omani Bedouins, who bring the precious water, food and luggage safely over the up to 300 meter high dunes with their off-road vehicles. During the day, the hiking group is on its own for the stage and experiences the feeling of seclusion, freedom and adventure!

After the daily hike and reaching the camp site there is always enough time for a siesta, for walks and for taking pictures. The lovingly prepared fresh Omani dinner is the highlight of each day and afterwards we sit around the crackling campfire, marvel at the splendidly sparkling starry sky, drink tea and (who wants to) enjoy an Arabic water pipe.

The desert hiking Rub al Khali is a unique desert trip and I lead each group personally and with great pleasure.

   Oman: desert hiking in the Rub al Khali
   Durance: 12 / 14 days
   Dates:   from November to March

   Type of trip: Desert hiking
   Price: from 3.140 Euro
   Starting point: from/to Frankfurt or Salalah, Oman
   Tour guide: Jerome Blösser
   Group size: 6-14 participants
   Level: 2 (easy) / 3 (medium)

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Mauritania – Nomad for a while

Caravan in january 2021

Caravan in the Sahara of Mauritania

This unique expedition caravan under my leadership is not a classic holiday, but an exclusive adventure trip through picture book desert landscapes. Together with Moorish nomads, we travel far away from civilisation from the ancient caravan town of Chinguitti southwards through the Erg Ouarane sand sea to the Tagant region. We learn the nomads’ craft, search for lonely water points and hike demanding daily stages in the rhythm of the camels.

This trip has a real expedition character and demands curiosity, desert experience, team spirit, renunciation of comfort, active participation in caravan life and very good mental and physical health from all participants.

   Mauritania: Nomad for a while
   Duration: 16 days
   Date:   02.–17.01.2021

   Type of trip: Caravan + nomad school
   Price: 3.075 Euro
   Starting point: from/to german Airports
   Tour guide: Jerome Blösser
   Group size: 6-10 participants
   Level: 4 (demanding)

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