Photo Art

Jerome with one of his photographic artworks

From the classical landscape photography I developed in the last years the comprehensive photo art project “Sandscapes”. Today the focus is exclusively on the detail. In no picture you will find blue sky or wide landscape. Therefore I am looking for the amorphous forms of sand, structures created by wind, layers of sand and the play of light and shadow, which changes every minute.

On every desert journey I start again after having reached my goal for the day. Barefoot and only with my camera in my hand I let myself drift and explore the dune peaks of the surroundings. This can take an hour or until sunset. I always focus on the detail and it is an almost meditative exercise to approach carefully extraordinary sand objects. I am not allowed to destroy the motif with my own footprints and I constantly change my position, because I know that only a small change of the angle of view will result in a completely different motif.